Rambling Mind

Now it's August. It means I've been living in Leeds for 11 months. There were things that I promised myself to do it regularly. In the end, it ended up as a to-do list that was never crossed, including constantly writing about life in here.

I did write, but never finished. Well, technically, I will finish writing if it's about random stuff or just simply a rambling mind
Like this one.
I am writing my dissertation right now. Somehow, I feel uneasy during writing. The more I write the more I realise my writing is nonsense. It's just redundant and rubbish without any deep analysis. The data collection method was imperfect because I didn't prepare it well, resulted in an incomplete information. 
but, I couldn't go back, could I ?
I'm trying to find the missing gap and justifying my argument, wishing that it can make any sense.
Sigh.... I wish there were miracles in the next 3 weeks.

Scotland (1) - Glasgow

I know it's super late to post my last travel to Scotland, but who cares? This charming city needs an appreciation tho :)
I went to Glasgow for the second time in spring. The journey didn't go smoothly as I took the wrong train. I and Tika (my flatmate) mistook the schedule. We took the earlier train, and as a result, we took someone else's seat (sorry for the woman on the seat number 31). Luckily, the train inspector told us to stop at Darlington and continue to the next train (our actual train).
Long story short, I finally arrived in Glasgow. On sunday, we went to the University of Glasgow. It was located outside the city center, so you have to go there by bus or subway. By the time I got there, I was so thrilled. I can say that it was one of the most beautiful universities I had ever seen. No wonder, it was claimed as things-to-do-when-you-are-in-Glasgow
The building was a bit similar to Hogwarts, like an old castle surrounded by residential. Compare to Leeds, it was b…

A Not So Good Winter Holiday

Last year I spent my Christmas break by going to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Curious with the splendid review, I thought it would be fun to explore the northern part of United Kingdom. Hence, the two cities are on my list.
Initially, I planned to celebrate my new year’s eve in Edinburgh, seeing how Hogmanay was like. However, I got no place to stay and went home instead on 31st December, how poor! Bad luck still haunted me as my trip to Glasgow highlands was ruined due to the broken mini bus. Weeks before going to Glasgow, I booked one day trip to Glasgow Highlands. At first, the trip went well. The tour guide was very informative and attractive, in a way that he could boost our mood despite of the gloomy weather. However, the bad luck came. As our mini bus stopped at the edge of the hill, rain was pouring down and the wind blew the door of the mini bus. It got broken. Couldn’t be closed because of the wind. Hence, we waited over an hour without any certainty.
Although we knew that we could …

A Goodbye to 2016

2016 has passed and when everyone was celebrating the new year’s eve, I stuck in my bed. Yes, my kind of new years’ eve was not that great since my plan was a little bit ruined. Well, anyway 2016 was a year full of changes.
First, change of living. I am now living 1000 miles away from home, with different language and culture. At first, it was hard to adapt, but now I get used to it. Although I still miss my home and when everything was easy back then, I know what I’m doing right now is for good.
Some plans haven’t gotten ticked from my notes list. Once, I planned to go on solo travel to Liverpool but then I met my friend with her Spanish friend and ended up going on a trip together. Well, maybe I should rearrange my next solo trip.
2016 also taught me that after all you just had to rely on God and yourself. Problems definitely exists, but at the end you are the only one who can fix it. Even you live with other housemates, they have their own life and you cannot simply hope them to help …

Life in Leeds

It’s been almost 2 months living in Leeds and  I’m still struggling to get used to the weather. Although I'm freezing most of the time, I’m liking my life right now.

However, Uni life is another story. There are up and downs in this first two months. First, I feel like I’m more introverted and shy when I have to speak English. It seems like I don’t know how to open a conversation, what topic I should talk to, and end up being silent (now, I'm trying to change that). It is totally different back in Indonesia where I can get along easily with others. Also, I’m feeling a bit tired with deadlines. When you just finish one essay, then you have to write for another. Hell yeah. But other than that, I’m okay. At least, I try to be positive and thanks to UK’s attraction, so that I can travel :D

Well, anyways here are some pics that I took from my last travel

Having Academic Writing Course at LBI UI

Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk keluar dari zona nyaman. Kenapa zona nyaman? Karena saya akhirnya memilih menggunakan weekend saya di hari sabtu untuk mengikuti les academic writing di Lembaga Bahasa Internasional UI. Sesungguhnya cukup berat memilih keputusan ini, karena selain leisure time yang terpakai, jarak tempuh yang harus saya lalui juga cukup jauh dari rumah. Saya harus berangkat pagi-pagi menggunakan Transjakarta yang kemudian dilanjut dengan KRL untuk mencapai Depok (rumah lo dimanasi jauh banget T_T). Bahkan guru dan teman sekelas sayapun kaget dengan hal tersebut :") in the end success needs sacrifice, right?
Saya memilih mengikuti academic writing course ini karena manfaat yang akan saya dapat cukup besar. And after having 3 meetings, I guess I made the right decision. Berhubung saya akan melanjutkan studi S2 dan pada studi tersebut akan banyak tugas-tugas essay, rasanya lebih baik saya punya basic menulis akademik yang baik. Walaupun bisa menulis essay dalam bahasa…

What Happened to Social Media These Days

I think I'm tired seeing what people do in social media.

Sepertinya semua orang berubah ketika menggunakan social media, dan itu semua terlihat jelas di beberapa platform social media terutama facebook, instagram, dan path. It seems like everyone wants to look cooler. Status sedang makan di restoran fancy atau baru saja mendarat di bandara XXX menghiasi laman path saya. Kemudian ditambah dengan foto-foto yang instragamable dengan harapan bisa mendapatkan banyak like. Apakah mungkin lebih penting mendapatkan banyak love/like daripada mengucapkan syukur terlebih dahulu untuk makanan yang lezat atau bisa mendarat dengan selamat?

Melihat fenomena-fenomena tersebut, rasanya saya seperti melihat orang-orang yang berbeda. Orang-orang yang memiliki alter ego ketika berada di social media. Sebagian seperti haus akan apresiasi sebagian lagi ingin akun social medianya terlihat keren (ini berlaku pada instagram). Bahkan sayapun menemukan beberapa orang yang memang sengaja menggunakan jasa pen…