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November 27, 2009

(500) Days Of Summer

Recently I'm obsessed with a movie titled 500 Days of Summer. Anyhow, you should watch this movie. I really recommend you. The story is heartbreaking yet heartwarming and realistic. It let you feel how being dumped by someone.

All the details are superb! The dialog is tremendous, sharp, and touching. and the music is really easy listening.

Here is the synopsis

(500) Days of Summer is presented in a non-chronological format, each scene being introduced by which of the 500 days it is. The plot as given here has been rearranged in chronological order. The film is about a boy named Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who grows up thinking that he won’t be truly happy until he finds his true love, and about a girl named, Summer (Zooey Deschanel) who thinks the opposite. She doesn’t believe in love. However,they both meet each other ,and they do get along quite nicely. But this isn’t a story about love as they do break up eventually. He then narrates, and or tells the story of their 500 day relationship starting from day 1. He tells about their initial meeting,the good times,the bad times,his feelings that developed for her along with some very funny and quirky moments.

-This is not a love story, this is a story about love- Ah, I
love Tom Hansen !!

a whimsy yet lovely couple <3

I wish I had a tattoo lyk this on my hand. lol

totally agree w/ that quote !!!

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt played amazing :D and at last I really like Summer Finn character though some say she is a villain


Bibirku bergetar, mengeluarkan cacian
Kau tetap diam
Kau mau kata-kata apa ? Brengsek !
Tetap diam
Tak berkutik
Ku coba pelankan suaraku
Malah cukup santun dan manis kata-kata yang ku ucapkan
Mereka sebut kau Tuhan
Tetap saja kau diam

Maaf Tuhan, kalau kali ini aku terlalu sarkastik..

My biology teacher said that this poem was...... extreme. I think it doesn't. The idea flashingly came into my mind and then I wrote it

November 1, 2009

Come to An End

and it's like
Why do all good things come to an end ?

actually I hate being labile. you don't know what you want and even worse you don't know what you need. you feel like you're at the very bottom of your life. sigh..