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To The People Whom I Love

"Mom, Can you give me money to eat ? Living cost in Cikajang is very expensive. I barely find warteg and if I do, it will be filled by drivers."

"Don't you have you have your own money ? You get salary from tour of duty."

It really slapped me. I'm in my early 20s and still asking for money. On the contrary, kids out there have to work hard to help their parents.

I come from middle-class family. You call it made both end meets. I was taught by parents to purchase the desired items with my own money by leaving the daily allowance for savings. My brother even afforded to buy galaxy note II with his own savings (shame on me!). And also my parents told the family finances, so I know myself. Furthermore I try to meet my own needs, I never asked for money for hanging out, holidays with friends, or the latest gadget (except laptop for college). Because I know, my parents won't be able to fulfill and also somehow I am embarrassed to ask for the money for the purp…

Celotehan Pengguna Angkutan Umum

Terkait postingan sebelumnya, video yang satu ini merangkum hal-hal yang saya rasakan sehari-hari :')

It's Not a Taylor Swift's Song

Project 22.
No. It's not a Taylor Swift's song. It's my blog and I decided to change its name into project 22.

Labil juga saya, sampai blog pun harus bergonta ganti nama sampai empat kali. Pertama kali saya menamakannya swinging the swing (kalo pembaca setia pasti tau :p #sokiye), trus lama-lama kok kaya alay yah ? hahahaha.. yah maklum, namanya dibuat waktu saya masih SMA (berarti saat SMA saya alay -_-) kemudian berganti menjadi dancing with the absurdity of life (this name is seriously absurd!), trus ganti lagi jadi  life in words, tapi kok tetep gak oke alias biasa aja. Hambar.
Dan akhirnya sampai lah ke project 22. Well, I'm not that creative. Tapi lumayan lah ya, lagipula 22 itu angka lahir saya dan siapa tau dengan berganti nama, blog traffic saya jadi naik HAHA. Jadi kalau ada yang searching 22 taylor swift lyrics blog saya bisa ikutan nongol :)
Peace, Love and Gaul xoxo