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Talking About Death

Have you ever thought about death ? or Have you ever afraid of death and it forces you to stay awake all night long incase you will be dead ?
Well, I have. It might sounds silly but I did that (in the end I fell asleep tho). This issue get me wonder if I have enough preparation or whether people will remember me even after several years.

Maybe it's uncommon to talk about this thing especially in my age, young adult to be exact, but it will be a different story for older people. I remember when I went out with mom and her friends and they talked about death like it wasn't scary at all. They even made a joke about it saying they would be together in hereafter, neighboring, and their graveyard wouldn't be dark because it had lamp in it.

I know why they could easily talk like that. They have reached a point where they are aware of their short existence and accept death as a part of their life. I see they've been preparing for the next journey by being closer to the Almighty …