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I never expected that these couple of months would be so stressful. I thought I could handle it well, since I was okay during the term 1. In fact, it isn’t.
I was struggling to finish every courseworks. Once one assignment was finished, I had to do the other one. Though I wanted my last assignment to be perfect, I did the opposite instead. It feels like you can hardly breathe. I don’t know how many times I cried because it was just…….exhausting.
Now, the real struggle finally stands in front of my eyes. I haven’t even finished my literature review and methodology, but I have to write chapter 4 and make interview form this month before going back for data collection. I thought doing interview while spending time at home would be a nice break. I guess I am a completely wrong. Everything is in a rush.
And now I’m spending this precious time just to complain on this blog

….and tell me, how I’m gonna go through this?